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    steve colborn

    Very nice SS, on the one hand you say;
    1. Don’t swear at me – I find it offensive and unnecessary and it only undermines your own case. as can be seen. Is this a ‘comradely’ attitude? Is the the way to progress discussion and debate?
    On the other hand, you do not do me the same service! I find it offensive that you IMPLY or, INFER, my meaning. When there is nothing to infer, semantically or otherwise! My meaning is plain. If YOUR grasp of the english language is so poor, it’s not my fault, or problem. If people, you in this instance, have mistaken my meaning, then it is, in fact, your fault, the meaning was quite explicit and plain in my posts. But, to back up your argument, the only way was to misinterpret and I think deliberately, the thrust of my words. I can see no other reason.
     You say, “And I have not suggested you were violent or explosive in your case, you did this yourself “, so what does this mean? your words again,       “”Perhaps you make my case for me Steve. If you are admitting that your explanations of socialism have roused other workers to violence in defence of those who rob them, then your whole approach is clearly flawed!” .
    Once again, your inference. Nothing I said in my original post could or should have led you to such an inference. Did I say, “oh my words wound them up to such an extent, that a violent reaction was expected”? NO. You inferred it, MARRA, again.
    You go on to say;       I haven’t met you and so cannot say so as fact. It is an assumption on my part based on your own words, the only course of action available to me.
    Once again, assumption and by definition, inference! Where, in my original post could you make such an assumption? nowhere. You had made up your mind, as to my intent, then written your thoughts to correspond, (back up), your assertion. Read my original post again, please!
    And actually, it was not, “YOUR ONLY COURSE OF ACTION”. You could have asked for clarification! But that would not have fitted into your, preconcieved ideas, would it. Bet it read better the way you imagined it EH? Reality go hang.
    And what do you mean by this?
    “In answer to your own assumption, no I don’t promote Red Wedge and never have.” Could you not even see, through your red mist of self-rightious indignation, that I said I was KIDDING!
    Talk about head so far up your backside. No wonder it is so hard to convince workers of the case for SOCIALISM, when, so-called Socialists can’t even read ENGLISH, or have a sense of humour!
    The anti-Bragg article is not insignificant, nor was his purveying of the, VOTE LABOUR message, to young workers. It had, if you would open your brain and think, a deliterious effect on the Socialist case. Or do you reckon Mr Nothingtobraggabout was, by this expostulation, in some way aiding the struggle for Socialism?
    Finally, you talk about remaining CIVIL? Don’t mean to piss on your, ever so nice parade, but we’re living in CAPITALISM. Since when has civility been a prerequisite? Moreover, you are the uncivil one, making inferences and assumptions, about other peoples posts and meanings, when the meaning of the original posts were, UNEQUIVOCAL!
    Capitalism is not a KIDDIES playground as, I expect, time will teach you.
    Don’t tell me what I’m saying, or what I mean. Don’t infer, if you are not sure, ask. It’s a good way to learn. It prevents misunderstading and pointless argument. Or have they not covered that, in your KINDERGARTEN?
    By the way, it’s my LAPTOP and I’ll SHOUT if I want to! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.


    I hereby retract ALL previous statements and posts in this thread, I wish I had never bothered.The more forums I read, the more I discover the pointlessness of them. Written debate like this is prone to misunderstanding, misintepretation and the pointless,  fractuous arguments that  ensue and they would never take place, face to face in the real world. I think I will, in the future, stick to reality and actual discussion with real people rather than this medium – it doesn’t work.See ya.(Admin, feel free to delete my account as there is no option for self-deletion)


    Hi SS,
    I hope you still find yourself able to contribute to other dicussions.
    So you find yourself some what under attack.    These things happen on forums, we can’t agree about everything.
    As you expressed a liking for Billy Bragg’s music you may feel this a little more personally.             “Win some, lose some”, as the saying goes.
    In my experience, considering yourself a socialist opens ya up to attack and ridicule. Sometimes we gotta take it, live to fight another day etc.
    We socialists have so few allies, we need each other.

    steve colborn

    I must echo the view of our punk mate. It’s a discussion, nothing more nor less. You are a Socialist and that, to me anyway, put’s you way up in my estimation.
    That we disagree on specific points, is neither here nor there. What we do agree on is much, much more important. The urgent need for a SANE society.
    The vast majority of your posts, I find myself in total agreement with. Be well comrade and please reconsider!


     I think there is a lot of truth in what SS says:”Written debate like this is prone to misunderstanding, misintepretation ….”particularly with this type of forum. Forums are OK when seeking advice on a specialist subject, like… gardening or music or cars, but I have even found these types of forums can be heated! A lot of it has to do with misunderstanding. We cannot hear the other person’s tone or see their facial expression. As another comrade has pointed out to me, we would probably be great friends if we met face to face. I hope Sussex Socialist reconsiders, too

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