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January 2021

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    Time to start a new topic and it will begin with Biden’s first appointee

    Biden has named Ron Klain as his chief of staff.

    “His deep, varied experience and capacity to work with people all across the political spectrum is precisely what I need…”

    L.B. Neill

    New is good!

    I do not know much about Klain- so soon I will find out.

    “His deep, varied experience and capacity to work with people all across the political spectrum is precisely what I need…”: and by across the ‘political spectrum’ means across the confined narrative of capital choice.

    I know we need some calm… and a calm that is yet to stabilise in the States. But that stability is the same one as before. At times voting is like playing poker with the aces missing. Trump was just a game- and now the loaded deck is in the hands of another. The illusion is we think there are 52 cards: but the reality, we play with 48- the Aces never to seem in the hands of the many. Seek unity in the 48, good man.

    And just to break it down some more- no metaphor: “.. exactly what [I] need…”. What I need is a very personal and apex statement- a master signifier. I. And so I in the proper non owned sense should be what ‘we’ need.

    Hate being a nerd sometimes: but hey. I, a signifier for a master class statement, and  can relate to personal profits/ we, a controlled class statement,  can relate to you ( or yous!).

    Yous will get over this, and be put to some use: while I make the profit from yous!

    Back to work yous…


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    He was a lobbyist for Fannie Mae

    He is not new he has served under Clinton, Al Gore, Obama and Biden, but he has a more clean record than the prior one  who served to Donald Trump

    L.B. Neill

    Thanks Movimiento… will look that up


    This is his Curriculum vitae. He is not so controversial like the others chief of staff hired by Donald Trump


    This Doctor in Epidemiology  is part of the Coronavirus task force, probably they are going to add Fauci to the task force, but they can not nominate him because he still working for Donald Trump, but Trump indicated that he was planning to fire him

    L.B. Neill

    “Klain’s debate rules for candidates, versions of which long ago became public, have been a mainstay of both party’s strategies for these presidential matchups. “Write your ‘dream’ post-debate headline,” one bullet point says. “Dress so no one will talk about it,” says another.”


    So a mainstay for both parties debates. It sounds like the man for the job in the ‘business as usual’ camp. “matchup” your president to the ruling winds.

    Dress a million dollars and not a billion- Mills for the suit: bills for the unity ticket.

    Time for a rewrite: Socialism.

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    Those are pro-capitalist politicians and intellectuals who are going to serve a capitalist state and a pro-capitalist president, therefore, we can not expect that they are going to serve the working class, clear indications that workers need their own political parties, or socialist parties  and their own socialists candidates


    Potentials or possible cabinet choices for Joe Biden


    Probably, he will be enacting many executive orders. That is what Obama did on his second term


      Education – Betsy Devos out! Replaced with someone with an education who believes in education not privatisation. Energy – light not carbon. Health and Human Services – no longer run by a Big Pharma lobbyist. Homeland Security – willing to look at white supremacists, unwilling to put children in cages. Labour – becoming pro-union. State – restaffed, and supporting our allies. Interior – save the parks and public lands. Treasury – with a pro-people attitude. Transportation – actually building infrastructure.

    Then there are the Sub-Agencies, the Independent Agencies, Boards Commissions and Committees, and the Quasi-Official Agencies. There is the CDC, CIA, FBI, the Armed forces, the Postal Service and the weather service.

    There are issues surrounding labour relations, prisons, the police, civil rights, cyber security, housing, rural development, social security and border control which can be resolved solely by the executive. Gathering and publishing statistics, supporting arts and culture, encouraging all sorts of research also do not require the Senate’s approval.

    Foreign policy has always been considered a domain of the executive. Expect a return to supporting democracy and opposing autocracy. Reaffirming NATO. Not suspecting that the president leaned on a foreign country until his son-in-law got a loan from there. Perhaps a return to the Iran nuclear agreement.

    As you say, MS, he has the authority to act. The question is, will he? Or will he be more selective in carrying out his executive orders so as to placate the possible moderate Republican potential allies?


    It would be like at the beginning of the Barrack Obama government the attorney Ralph Nader asked: Is he going to be working for the Uncle Sam or for the Uncle Tom?


    There aré rumors that joe Biden might nominate Hillary Clinton as ambassador for the United Nations It was published on a Spanish newspaper from new york


    Susan Rice Secretary of State and Michele Flournoy Secretary of Defence. The question is: Are they going to be approved by the US Senate or is Joe Biden skipping the Senate as Trump did? There was a minister elected by Trump who was not approved by the Senate and he emitted an order against  DACA and a judge considered invalid because he was not nominated by the Senate

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