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    The Republicans claim the Democrats wish to defund the police.

    Biden, actually want to increase funding for law enforcement and put 100,000 more police officers in schools and communities.


    $3 Billion More for War, But Nothing for Free Covid Tests

    3 billion more for war but nothing for free covid tests
    Public health advocates on Monday warned that the imminent suspension of the Biden administration’s free at-home Covid-19 test program could lead to the autumn and winter surge in infections that officials have feared for months.

    They also denounced the obstruction of Republicans who have refused to pass continued Covid-19 relief this year — even as they’ve approved hundreds of billions of dollars in military spending.

    This is the so called Lesser evil


    The Presidential Emergency Board (PEB), a nonpartisan panel appointed by President Joe Biden last month, recommended that rail carriers and union workers accept a contract with wage increases, but unions expressed outrage that the recommendations did not include a paid sick leave policy or address stringent “points-based” attendance rules which requires engineers and conductors to work many days—and sometimes consecutive weeks or months—with no time off, to make up for taking a weekend off.


    The FBI has gathered enough evidence to charge Hunter Biden with tax crimes, according to CBS News


    They also have enough evidences to charge Donald Trump with multiple crimes, but it looks that several attorneys general don’t have the courage to do that, instead they are filing a civil lawsuit, it looks like the NYC Attorney General and other never took a class on Criminal Law, and Constitutional Law and they have forgotten all the rules of criminal law. Hunter Biden is a small fish compared with Trump. Donald Trump have been playing with the USA so called legal system for several years. His biographers David Clay Johnson and his niece Mary Trump have written that he is a cheat, and they know Trump pretty well


    “Rather than restore the right to asylum decimated by the Trump administration … the Biden administration has dangerously embraced the failures of the past and expanded upon them by explicitly enabling expulsions of Venezuelan migrants,” said Jennifer Nagda, policy director of the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights.


    Reading her book, and Juan Gonzalez Book is more than enough to understand the history of immigration in the USA

    When the USA was a highly industrialized nation the south border was completely open and when the USA dominated the textile industry thousands of Caribbean workers were also welcomed, that is the reason why New York has so many workers from the islands. There was not any law for ilegal immigration, and the term did not exist either, the Mexicans were called deportable workers.

    They banned the immigration of Chinese, and open the border for the Mexicans because it was easier and cheaper to deport the Mexicans

    The Venezuelans workers are being deported from other countries in Latin America. The old days of the Cold War are gone when thousands of Cubans were allowed to emigrate to the USA and they created a legal precedent which allowed them to become resident of the USA.

    Most emigration lawyers do not know the history of emigration, they just follow the procedures and file the papers


    The government of Venezuela and the USA are doing negotiation to increase the purchase of petroleum and lift off some restrictions. They have already exchanged prisoners including some drug dealers from Venezuela that the USA was holding for a long time, and Venezuela has released some executive from USA Gitco and some ex military that participated in a coup. The anti imperialist Nicolas Maduro is moving toward the circle of the so called Empire.


    I’m deadly serious’: why film-maker Michael Moore is confident of a Democratic midterm win
    The Academy Award winner has been emailing a ‘daily dose of truth’ to mobilize supporters of the party to vote in November
    US midterm election results 2022: live
    US midterm elections 2022 – latest live news updates
    Close-up shot of filmmaker Michael Moore
    Michael Moore also correctly predicted Trump’s win in 2016 – against common judgment and political punditry. Photograph: Gary Calton/The Observer
    Edward Helmore
    Sun 23 Oct 2022 03.00 EDT
    For the past month, Academy Award-winning documentary maker Michael Moore has been emailing out a daily missive, Mike’s Midterm Tsunami of Truth, on why he believes Democrats will win big in America’s midterm elections next month.

    Moore calls it “a brief honest daily dose of the truth – and the real optimism these truths offer us”. It also – at this moment in time – flies in the face of most political punditry, which sees a Republican win on the cards.

    Joe Biden in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on Wednesday.
    Biden implores US oil companies to pass on record profits to consumers
    Read more
    Making predictions is a risky undertaking in any election cycle, but especially in this round, with Democrats banking they can hitch Republican candidates to an unpopular supreme court decision to overturn federal guarantees of a woman’s right to abortion. Republicans, meanwhile, are laser-focused on high inflation rates, economic troubles and fears over crime.

    But political forecasting has become Moore’s business since he correctly called that Donald Trump would win the national elections in 2016, against common judgment of the media and pollsters businesses.


    I was surprised by the relative success of the Democratic Party in the mid-terms. Not the wipe-out many predicted a few months ago.

    Can Biden win in 2024?


    “Can Biden win in 2024?”

    I sincerely hope so. Not because I think the Democrats are good, but because if a republican wins (especially Trump or Sarah Palin), the mainstream media will spend the next 4 years blaming all of the USA’s problems on him or her.


    I was surprised by the relative success of the Democratic Party in the mid-terms. Not the wipe-out many predicted a few months ago.

    Never trust political polls, they always fail, the same thing happen with Hillary Clinton, the question is: Where are all the ultra right wings militias that were
    going to start a civil war and patrol the election center ?


    MS, also, where are all the lawyers that were promised to challenge any unfavorable election result in court?


    They are under the bed Now , the Republican leaders who were supporting Donald trump until November 8 now they are blaming everything on him and he is washing his hands like pontius Pilate and blaming his wife.

    it has been proven that the so called steal campaign was a lie and the maga movement is divided and trump is losing support , in some way it is another defeat for him

    Most young Latinos and colored peoples voted against the republicans, the red tsunami did not take place and Michael Moore has been saying that for several months

    In a few years abortion is going to be constitutionally approved instead of court decision and religion leaders are going to be kicked out

    Young workers do not support hates, racism, xenophobia, homofobias and divisions

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