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    The USA Taliban has taken over the so-called Jurisprudential system, it would be better to study theology instead of Law, they are always criticizing the theocratic government of Iran but their aim also is to establish a theocratic government and eliminate the secular constitution of the USA.

    The American Taliban are also part of the California governor recall, one of the candidates has indicated that the slaves’ owners should be compensated because they were owners of private property, a clear indication of the reactionary and backward mentality of these religious people.

    Probably, those pastors have not read the history of the Roman primitive Christians who did not participate in the state affairs and did not support the Roman wars until it became the religion of the state, but as the book titled: How the gods were made demonstrated that most religions have been tied to a particular economic system


    At the Southern border of the USA, another so-called Banana Republic, the Mexican Supreme Court unanimously decided that women have the right to an abortion and make their own decision and that the constitution protect them. It is a country that is heavily influenced by the Catholic Church like in Argentina


    A Texas website used to report violators of the state’s extreme anti-abortion legislation after the site was forced offline by two different web hosting platforms.

    The site was removed from its original web host by the provider GoDaddy on Friday before being suspended by its new host, an agency known for providing services to far-right groups.


    Those are bounty hunters like in the old days of the West. They just want to make $10,000 for every victim. Probably, many women from Texas are going to be crossing the border toward Mexico in order to get an abortion with the ruling emitted by the Mexican Supreme Court

    The world is moving forward and the USA is moving back to the times of the Witch Hunters and burning. The Vatican was not able to influence the court and the congress in Mexico and Argentina


    Since victims of incest and rape will also be denied abortions, when asked about that, Texas governor Abbot, said he will make such crimes disappear from being committed.


    What can you expect from those ignorants elected as governors, senators or presidents ? In his entire live he has never read a book in Anthropology or Physiology. He should read Engels on the origin of the family when there was a period in mankind when women had several husbands known as Polyandry. Most rapes are done by members of the family or friends of the victims and most of them are religious peoples. Is he going to castrate all men ? Some women are being accused of being rapers too, now, is known as forced penetration. They will do anything in order to be elected and stay in power for decades. In some countries government are only elected for one period, and in some countries all governors are women

Viewing 7 posts - 166 through 172 (of 172 total)
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