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    Here’s another way to be selfish. To want socialism.

    Under capitalism, people are not selfish enough. They die in their bosses’ wars. They work all their lives to make their bosses rich. They put up with a shoddy quality of life and healthcare.

    It’s time they learned selfishness.
    I’m selfish. I don’t want to be killed in a war. I don’t want to work for a boss. I don’t want to be subordinate. I don’t want to trust my medical care to a system based on profit. I don’t want the Earth I live on to be destroyed by capitalists cutting costs and accumulating capital at the expense of life, environment and fellow animals. I don’t want man-made floods flooding me out and man-made disasters threatening me so a parasitic 1% can accumulate wealth.
    I’m utterly selfish. That’s why I want world socialism!


    This essay may be useful read

    The ‘Right to be Greedy’





    “Here’s another way to be selfish. To want socialism.”

    Hhhhmm, Yes and No

    I think it is a mixture of BOTH egoistic and altruistic values that is called for. Otherwise, we fall into the mindset of bourgeois individualism. Class solidarity requires a measure of altruistic feeling towards our fellow workers

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    I think that depends on the individual socialist. Truly selfish, one should know that one’s own well-being is intertwined with and best served by the well-being of others.

    Then, people also differ in their altruism. As for me, I feel more for other animals than for other humans. WHAT??? I hear most here exclaim. But it is true that there are many, many people who are like me in this, if not as many as are not. Which is just to say we are all different in our altruisms – but agree about the need for socialism.




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