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    Here are some crossword clues for those who like that sort of thing. If you can’t work them out, the answers can be easily looked up online.

    Needless to say, the socialism/communism described may not necessarily agree with that of the WSM!

    Socialist worker not usually on the dexterous side (4,4)
    Kind of speech I state is maybe Marxist? (11)
    Communist getting reprimand: here’s where one could see stars! (3,6)
    Communist Chinese dish, mostly poultry, takes shape (9,6)

    Not all of big town accepts socialist approval (6)
    Sympathy for Marxist zeal (10)
    Setter upset about communist having such acceptability? (6,4)

    Sort of town communist liberated (6)
    Socialist later revised warning (3,5)
    Trouble electing head boy perhaps revolves around Marxist theory (5,3)


    There is an idea. I do the easy Guardian one and often have to look up the answers.


    Most cryptic clues make absolutely no normal sense and some are just too contrived. But I do like this one – it took a while to dawn on me even when I’d looked up the answer:

    Land in gym before football game (4).

    The answer was PERU.

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    BTW have i missed Manchester branch’s annual quiz from Paul Bennett

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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