Election Leaflet: Stop Voting to Keep Capitalism Going

The Socialist Party is contesting 3 of the 14 constituencies in the Greater London Assembly elections on 5 May. Here is our election leaflet.

Socialism isn’t about paying benefits, taxing the rich or nationalising industries.

It is wanting us all to be free and equals running things for our own benefit.

Democracy should mean all have an equal say in running things. But today we don’t all benefit equally. We are running society on behalf of the people who own it.

In our workplaces, we co-operate and produce wealth together. Everyone’s work is equally needed. But we don’t benefit equally. The people who really benefit, are those who own the world.

We cannot be free while we work for them and not ourselves.

Real freedom comes from power. Today real power comes from owning wealth. So long as a minority own the wealth, they will have the power and the freedom, we won’t.

The glorified talking shop of the Greater London Assembly is just about managing the costs of keeping inequality going. The SOCIALIST PARTY wants wealth and power owned and controlled by everyone.

We are seeking a stop to electing people who redistribute poverty and run the world for the rich.

When a majority of us stand firm and demand that the wealth of the world is brought into common and democratic ownership we will be able to peacefully make the change.

When that happens, we will be freed from bosses, loan sharks and landlords.  We will be able to produce wealth to supply the needs for all.

We will be able to work less because we won’t be wasting our time protecting the privilege of a few. We would no longer need money, buying or selling.  We could share the wealth we make among ourselves rationally.

To start to make that change, vote for the SOCIALIST PARTY candidate to let people know, and then come join us.  The more people who do that, the sooner we can change the world.

The SOCIALIST PARTY candidates are:

Lambeth & Southwark: Kevin PARKIN

North East (Islington, Hackney, Waltham Forest): Bill MARTIN

South West (Hounslow, Kingston, Richmond): Adam BUICK

The campaigns are being conducted by locally by the branches. Offers to help out with leafleting and street stalls should go, respectively, to Head Office, North London and West London branches (see page 8 for contact details).

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