Grayson’s Gratitude to the S.D.F.

In the course of the Joynson-Hicks-Grayson debate in the Free Trade Hall, Manchester, on February 14th, Mr. Victor Grayson, M.P., in immaculate evening dress (which we suppose is typical of his revolutionary views), said : “It would have given me pleasure in to-night’s debate had Mr. Joynson-Hicks, instead of reading the esoteric philosophic ramblings of the philosopher, Mr. Belfort Bax, instead of going to the exotics of Karl Marx, if he had come to the source of English Socialism, the books of the English economists, to learn what the Socialist suggestion really is.”

We are anxious to know what the S.D.F. think of that, in view of their efforts to pat him on the back and take him under their wing, as recorded in the columns of Justice, since it was apparent that he could command a following.

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