Party news: Important Notice

 Our next issue, which will be published on March 3rd, will contain a further instalment of “The Extinction of Petty Enterprise,” by Karl Kautsky, also an article on “Independent Labour at the Polls,” showing the extent to which “Labour” candidates have compacted with the Liberal Party for the purpose of securing election to Parliament, etc. Readers should ensure an early copy by forwarding 1s. 6. to the S.P.G.B. Offices, 1a, Caledonian Rd., Kings Cross, Loudon, N., for which sum The Socialist Standard will be sent post free to any part of the world for twelve mouths.

                                                                                                  *    *    *    *

P. Gillies was expelled by the Tottenham Branch of the Socialist Party of Great Britain at their meeting on January 28th, for supporting the Liberal Candidate for the Tottenham Division at the recent parliamentary election.

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