Answers to Correspondents

Answers to Correspondents

G. S. (Paddington),—It is apparent that your acquaintance with the Clarion has improved neither your Socialism nor your manners. By the regular reading of THE SOCIALIST-STANDARD the former may in time develops; but for the latter there is no medicine in the pharmacopoeia of political economy.

Dr. E. (Vienna)—Your communication is having attention.

B.S.I. (Brussels).—Manifesto of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation received.

A. H. (Walthamstow) Many thanks for extracts and election address. After all, Bailey, in running as a Labour candidate is only doing that which very many members of the S.D.F. do although their votes are claimed in Justice as S.D.F. votes. Recent elections in Hammersmith, Fulham, &c. are instances.

C. R. (Soham).—We are always pleased to receive intelligent comment as to our proceedings. Extract is being used, with thanks. With regard to Alderman Phillips’ letter it seems to us that a good churchman, of whatever denomination, must place his church first, and we are as much opposed to the Labour movement being captured for the greater glory of the church as to the decoy-duck business of the labour “leader.” Religious organisations are inherently pro-capitalist, and are therefore opposed to what we consider to be the interests of the working-class. We claim that Socialism without adjectives is sufficient, and only when the Socialist Republic is established will a good life be possible. Conduct is determined by economic conditions, not by theological beliefs.

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