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Lambeth Election Statement

Lambeth Election Statement

The Socialist Party is standing a candidate in the Clapaham Town ward of Lambeth Council in London. Here is our candidate’s election address.

Socialists Are Working For A Different And Better World – We Ask You To Join Us

This election is about how we can solve our local problems. Over the years we have had lots of elections but nothing has changed. Some things have got worse. Unless we do something different things will stay the same.

This is a message to those who are fed up –

  • Fed up with the failures of this dreary system
  • Fed up with leaders and the false promises of career politicians
  • Fed up with poor hospitals, poor schools, poor housing and an unhealthy environment
  • Fed up with having to live on a wage that struggles to pay the endless bills
  • Fed up with serving the profit system and seeing poverty amidst luxury

What happens in Lambeth depends mainly on what happens in the country and even in the world. That is why socialists are working for a different world. But it can’t happen unless you join us. The job of making a better world must be the work of all of us.

The world we want is one where we all work together. We can all do this. Co-operation is in our best interests and this is how a socialist community would be organised – through democracy and through working with each other.

To co-operate we need democratic control of everything we require for our lives. Not only in our area but by people everywhere. This means that all places of industry and manufacture, all the land, transport, the shops and means of distribution, should be owned in common by the whole community. With common ownership we would not produce goods for profit. The profit system exploits us. Without it we could easily produce enough good quality things for everyone. We could all enjoy free access to what we need without the barriers of buying and selling.

Most politicians blame our problems on lack of money but this is not true. Money doesn’t build hospitals, schools, decent housing and a healthy environment. The things that make a good community can only be created by the work of people. We have an abundance of skill and energy. If we were free from having to work for the profits of employers we would be able to work for the needs of everyone.

The profit system is oppressive. It dominates our lives. It plagues us with bills. The rent and mortgage repayments, the food bills, the rates, gas, electricity, water and telephone bills. Money is used to screw us for the profits of business. If we don’t pay we don’t get the goods. This is why 43 percent of children in London live in families blighted by poverty. Without the capitalist system a socialist community would easily provide for its youngsters and all members of the community.

The challenge now is to build a great world movement

  • Its job will be to break with the failures of the past
  • It won’t be for power or money or careers
  • It will work for the things that matter to people everywhere – peace – material security – the enjoyment of life through co-operation
  • This is the challenge that could link all people in a common cause without distinction of nationality, race or culture.

We in the Socialist Party reject the view that things will always stay the same. We can change the world. Nothing could stop a majority of socialists building a new society run for the benefit of everyone. We all have the ability to work together in each other’s interests. All it takes is the right ideas and a willingness to make it happen.

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