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In the wake of the horrific events of the day, his captain
is cool. He walks up to Massey and asks; “Are you
doing all right, Staff Sergeant?” Massey responds: “No,
sir. I am not doing O.K. Today was a bad day. We killed
a lot of innocent civilians.”
Fully aware of the civilian carnage, his captain asserts:
“No, today was a good day.” Relatives wailing,
cars destroyed, blood all over the ground, Marines
celebrating, civilians dead, and “it was good day”!:

Even as the financial system collapsed last year, and
millions of investors lost billions of dollars, one unlikely
investor was racking up historic profits: John Paulson,
a hedge-fund manager in New York. His firm made
$20 billion between 2007 and early 2009 by betting
against the housing market and big financial companies.
Mr. Paulson’s personal cut would amount to nearly $4
billion, or more than $10 million a day. That was more
than the 2007 earnings of J.K. Rowling, Oprah Winfrey
and Tiger Woods combined:

Sixteen workers are killed a day in the United States
because of reckless negligence on the part of their
employers. Under existing laws, these employers get
a slap on the wrist, or walk away scot-free. Meanwhile,
workers who blow the whistle face threats and
retaliation at the workplace:

Its ruler re-named the days of the week after himself
and his mother. Opera, ballet and the circus are
banned. To get a driving licence, citizens must sit an
exam on the dead leader’s autobiography. Welcome to

When veterans die — from lack of health insurance More
than 1.5 million vets don’t have it, and 2,200 vets die
every year because of it :

“..We suggest that it will be pretty much like this
in socialist society. Although it will be global as
opposed to tribal, people will still live in small localised
communities..” But some people I imagine will choose a
clean, green high-rise city lifestyle instead:

Why are so many Americans now toying with socialism,
in a country that created the most successful free
market economic system in history and spent half of the
last century fighting the heresy of Marx’s socialism?

“Americans are saying that with their planes they can
see an egg 18 kilometers away, so why can’t they see
the Taliban?” ABDULLAH WASAY, an Afghan pharmacist:

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