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Obituary: Frank Riley

Frank Riley

We are sorry to have to report the death of Frank Riley, who will be remembered by many comrades in the North West as a staunch member of the former Merseyside Branch before, some years ago, he moved to Central Branch.

Frank—who joined the Party in 1986—was a former hospital dialysis machine technician who had, ironically enough, previously worked at Aldermaston at an earlier stage of his employment. In later life he became an enthusiast of the computer age, finding in information technology a discipline to extend his keenly scientific and practical mind.

Unfortunately, ill health struck Frank in the last few years and this limited the contribution he was able to make to the Party; however, until very recently he was still able to compile the indexes for the bound volumes of the Socialist Standard from his home on the Wirral.

Frank will be remembered by his comrades as a quiet, thoughtful and thoroughly decent man who was appalled at the injustices of the world around him and, in particular, at the squalor and degradation which has blighted the land to either side of the River Mersey since the advent of industrial capitalism. Frank knew that the world had to be a better place and was staunch in his belief that socialism remains the only way this can be attained.

In mourning his passing we extend our deepest sympathies to his family.


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