Obituaries: Mark Miller and Sammy Cash

M. Miller

Just before Christmas members in London heard that Mark Miller had died suddenly. It was hardly believable that this lively, lovable man would no longer be among us.

“Dusty” joined the Party in 1935, after being in the Labour Party. Throughout his membership he was in the Lewisham Branch. He never ceased working for Socialism, and was very knowledgeable. After retiring from work he attended a social centre for elderly people in south-east London, where he made the Socialist Standard well known and chatted to everyone about Socialism. What he will be specially remembered for by members is running the canteen at Head Office for several years after our move to Clapham in 1951.

He was a barber by trade. Though his life was an uphill struggle against poverty, he was always cheerful and full of jokes—the usual greeting was “Here, have you heard this one?” In the last few years his chief pleasure besides Party meetings was going to the BBC theatre to listen to concerts of light music.

The like of Mark Miller are the true backbone of the Socialist movement, and his death makes us all sad. Our sympathies go to his brother, with whom he lived.

Sammy Cash

We have learned also of the death of Sammy Cash. He resigned from the Party in disagreement in 1955, but continued to turn up at Conferences, and his amiable, eccentric personality kept him a place in the affections of many older members. He first joined the Party in the mid-twenties, and spoke at countless meetings for us over the years.

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