Election Results

The result of the election of the two seats contested by the Socialist Party of Great Britain in the general election on 18 June was :

Skelton(C)       16,593
Pitt (Lab)         13,473
Thwaites(L)       2.982
Simkins (Soc)       220
Boaks(Ind)             80

Rossi (C)           21,434
Pestell (Lab)      17,645
Brass (L)              3,755
Morris (Comm)      624
Grant (Soc)             156

The Socialist Party also contested a local by-election in the Town Hall ward of Haringey Borough Council on 4 June. The result was: Carnell (Lab) 1.234. Painter (C) 1,146, Buick (Soc) 11.

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