Party News Briefs: Paddington, Hackney, and Glasgow

Indoor Lectures throughout the Party have been held regularly during the winter and on another page in this issue is a list of meetings for February.

Paddington Branch is launching out with fortnightly Sunday meetings at Dennison House, Victoria.

Hackney Branch hold meetings every Friday at Bethnal Green Library at 8 p.m. There is comfortable seating accommodation for 160 visitors in this hall and the Branch specially invite their many sympathisers in East London to make these meetings widely known. There is always ample time for discussion where sympathisers and opponents can participate.

Kelvingrove Branch have sent two contributions to News Briefs. One is addressed to the Working Class of Kelvingrove and states, “ You have probably bought the Socialist Standard for the first time. Much of it will seem new to you and some of its contents may need explaining when compared with what you thought was Socialism. Our canvassers will be at your door again sometime in the near future to sell you another copy of the Socialist Standard or perhaps a pamphlet. But in the meantime, why not come to our Branch meeting in St. Andrew’s Hails, Door G, Berkeley Street, and find out a little more about Socialism. There is not time to waste, the need for abolishing Capitalism is urgent. Kelvingrove Branch meets every fortnight on Mondays at the above hall. The following are the meeting dates for February: 4th, 18th, and March 3rd, 17th and 31st. Time 7.30 p.m.”

The Kelvingrove Branch are continuing with their efforts in bringing to the notice of the Kelvingrove constituency the need for Socialism. In the month of December the sales of the Socialist Standard, through canvassing, increased again to 14½ dozen copies; nearly two dozen copies of these were the November issue.

So far about one sixth of the constituency has been canvassed and the number of members engaged in the task is six. These members canvass on an average of two nights each week. As time goes on the Branch hope to encourage other members who are a little self-conscious at “going on the knocker,” to take part. In the summer it is hoped to extend the propaganda work by chalking the area with suitable slogans advertising the Socialist Standard. It is our aim to get the Party well known in the district and in time to have quite a few more members of the working class understanding Socialism and joining the Party, to work for the achievement of Socialism.


Note: From Socialist Standard Past & Present blog:

“Paddington Branch lectures listed in the February 1952 Socialist Standard

    The Challenge of Socialism (a series of six meetings on alternate Sundays), Denison House, Vauxhall Bridge Road, Victoria, S.W.1.

    First-Sunday, February 10th, 7pm.

    World Crisis of Capitalism; speaker, Cyril May

    Second – Sunday, February 24th, 7pm.

    Do Men Make History?; speaker, J. Thorburn


    Hackney Branch Lectures

    At Bethnal Green Library, Cambridge Heath Rd, E.2. (facing tube), on Fridays at 8pm.

    Feb 8th. China; speaker W. Read

    Feb 15th. High Prices or No Prices; speaker E. Hardy

    Feb 22nd. History of the S.P.G.B. (continued); speaker G. McClatchie

    Feb 29th. War and the Working Class; speaker Tony Turner”

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