Party News: From The Branches

Ealing Branch


Will members please note that the third and fourth sessions of the Economics Class, being run by Comrade Hardy, will be held on 4th and 18th December. The Class has proved very popular and the attendances have been good. The Writers’ Class is also going well, with a consistent attendance of about eight members each week.


The General Purposes Committee of the Branch has made efforts to obtain debates with the local Tory, Labour and Liberal Parties, as well as with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. The Tories and the C.N.D. have refused to debate and we are still waiting to hear from the Labourites and Liberals. The Committee is trying to arrange a Film Show for the early part of the New Year, with perhaps another to follow some time in February. More details will be given later.


The ordinary Branch business meetings have been very well attended on average and it is hoped that this will continue for the rest of the Winter season.


Socialist Standard
The beginning of a new year (1960) is as good a time as any other to make sure of a regular supply of the “ Standard.” So here is a reminder that for 7s. 6d. post free, the organ of the Socialist: Party of Great Britain will be delivered to any address in the British Isles for 12 months. Not only does it ensure sales, but the more copies sold, the more the Socialist case is propagated. If members could make the additional effort to complete a subscription form, or arrange for a friend or sympathiser to do so, it would be one other way in which to help the Party and spread the case for Socialism.


Denison House
The last of the present series is being held on Sunday, December 6th, at 7.30 p.m. Comrade Hardy is speaking on “ Inflation and Recent Government Policy.” Please make a note of the date and time and support the meetings. It is hoped to extend these meetings in the New Year.


Writers’ Meeting
Will writers and other members interested in writing, please note that the usual monthly meeting will be held on Monday, 21st December, at Head Office. Commencement 8 p.m. prompt,


Bloomsbury, Lewisham and Paddington are holding discussions after branch meetings and details are given on the meetings page.


Phyllis Howard