Campaign news

Election Headquarters have been obtained at 4 Westgate Street. Hackney. E.8. just off Mare Street and opposite King Edward Road. London Fields Station 2 minutes. Bethnal Green Tube Station 5 minutes. Buses No. 6, 106, 170, 277, Trolley buses 555, 557, 653—all pass the door.

Help from members and sympathisers is urgently required. Literature needs distributing. Canvassing must be done. We are open every day and shall be pleased to see you. Telephone: AMH 5010.


This Election Campaign is going to cost a lot of money — to be more precise £500 is the minimum sum we shall need. This will cover literature, deposit, Committee rooms, etc.—-in fact, the lot. Needless to say, we haven’t got it. In fact the Parliamentary Fund stands at £308, just now. We’ve got to find the balance of £200 from somewhere. We’ve had the floorboards up at Head Office, but there is no hidden treasure. So we come back to you. We’ve never been let down in the past, and feel sure you won’t disappoint us this time. Please see what you can do. No sum is too large or too small, but we must have it now. Please send all donations to E. Lake, S.P.G.B., 52 Clapham High Street, S.W.4, and earmark it “Parliamentary Fund.”

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