50 Years Ago: Russian Despotism

The visit of Nicholas Romanoff will doubtless have taken place before these lines appear.

We deny that the Tsar is “Our Guest.” He is solely the guest of our enemies, the Capitalist Class, and the “Hand of England” (which, to-day, is that of the class who own and rule) can hardly be further or deeper stained by grasping the bloody hand of a brother in exploitation and repression.

The Capitalists of Western Europe are equally guilty with Russian Despotism. Germany in South West Africa and Poland; Belgium on the Congo; France in Morocco; England in India and Ireland; each can parallel Russian Atrocities.

The ruling class of each country use the surest and most deadly means of repression that are suited to their circumstances and the Government here would repeat the worst Russian Atrocities in England if it could thus strengthen its position.

From the Socialist Standard, August 1909.