You have it all wrong!

For the well-being of the people of these islands the S.P.G.B. advocates:—


Although the declaration of principles is printed in every publication we issue, the S.P.G.B. receives numerous requests to declare itself, to put forward constructive and concrete proposals instead of destructive attacks on all the other political parties. These, therefore, are some of our aims put in a “concrete” manner. Our reasons for pursuing such a policy follow—a policy which we believe will further the well-being of the working class; not only of this country but of the whole world.

Our object is Socialism: A social system under which the means of production and distribution are commonly owned. With common ownership it naturally follows that there can be no employers and no employees; therefore no employment, i.e., unemployment Socialists are surprised how workers who consider themselves “fly” continue to fall for this employment racket. Workers, to whom it would be impossible to sell “a gold brick” or Trafalgar Square, are still sold this greatest of all confidence tricks. On going to work the boss provides one with a desk or machine and pays for only part of the work done. Were a shop assistant to give short change, the injured party would swiftly take steps to rectify it but under capitalism not only do die injured parties tolerate this system of short-changing, but even support it by voting for political parties which will perpetuate the system. People who allow themselves to be swindled acquire the just title of “suckers.”

Money being a convenient means of measuring property, in a society where all wealth is communally owned, it would automatically fall into disuse. The dole, therefore, would also become obsolete. If certain articles were to be over-produced the workers in those industries would not be penalised for having worked too hard and forced to eke out an existence on the pittance the Government deems fit until the glut had been absorbed. Rather, they would still be able to enjoy the fruits of general production which they would have undoubtedly earned.

Similarly, Old Age Pensions and Maternity Benefits would pass into history, so that when workers decided that their advancing years no longer rendered them capable of doing their job satisfactorily, they, too, would not be deprived of access to the necessities of life, but could spend “the twilight of their lives” (as the reformists like to call it) without fear or worry. Under Socialism couples wanting children would not be oppressed with worry about being able to afford them.

Trade Unions are the defensive weapon in the arsenal of the working class. The offensive weapon, the vote, is grossly misused and the Trade Unions are far from fulfilling their role.

With the advent of Socialism Trade Unions will no longer be required. There will be no wages to fight over or redundancy to worry about and their function will be ended.

Thus it will be seen that our proposals, at first sight Utopian to those whose minds have been conditioned by “the Welfare State,” in fact would be a boon to all mankind. This new social system can be obtained—provided YOU, the reader, understand it and want it. The S.P.G.B. is available to be used by you. Don’t delay its employment longer than necessary.


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