Special Note to Canvassed Readers

We would very much like to know the reaction of you workers whose front doors our canvassers knock on. What you think of our ideas, and in particular our principles.

We know from experience that the first time a Socialist knocks on your door and introduces you to the SOCIALIST STANDARD, it is usually the first time you knew that some party other than the usual ones exist, and we have a lifetime of prejudice to break down before you are prepared to consider seriously the case that we put.

Also, if you have just come home from work and our knock gets you up from your tea, we know the reception suffers accordingly. Add to this children going to bed and the fact we may call on a night when you are broke, we get some slight idea of what Socialist propaganda has to cope with. There is, of course, another reason which brings you to the door in a bad frame of mind, that is when you have been watching television. This is really a shame, because what it amounts to is that those workers are too busy trying to escape from Capitalism to find out how to get rid of it. In face of all the problems such as food prices, rents, clothing, holidays, strikes, war news, and so on, you find it easier after a day’s work to laugh at T.V. than to do a little serious investigation about the cause of it all—hence it just goes on.

Are we paid for it?
It is also probable that some of you think that our canvasser sells SOCIALIST STANDARD for a living. This is not unreasonable, since all kinds of people are everlastingly knocking at your door trying to “sell you something.” For our part we get two things out of going round with the SOCIALIST STANDARD, one is tired feet, the other is a sense of satisfaction in doing something to help our class forward to an understanding of their position in the world as wage-workers, because we know it is only from this understanding that the system of work, want and wars will be removed. Yes, like you, our canvasser has done a day’s work before he calls; he has the same problems as you, plus Socialist ideas, and he is always prepared to discuss these with you. It is not always possible to stop at one door for an hour, as much as we may like to, as there is more to be done, so please send us by post any questions, etc., which time on the doorstep does not permit a satisfactory answer to.

We must claim your attention
In the world of today where many millions read one or another of the daily comic papers, does it seem hopeless for you to make any effort, would it be any use if you did? The answer to this is it would make every difference—remember your neighbour is probably just waiting for you to do something, as well; if all leave it to each other, no one will do it. Socialism can only come when enough workers want it, and since it answers your problems as well as ours, you must do your part. Develop the habit of reading the SOCIALIST STANDARD every month, introduce it at work, leave it on a bus; above all, do not resign yourself to the fate that the world as it is cannot be changed. It can be changed. You can most certainly play a part in changing it. First you must understand what needs changing and how to change it The problems we face all arise from the fact that the means of producing goods and services of all kinds are in the hands of the employers. Because of this profit is society’s motive force instead of needs; because of this the struggle for oil and markets, etc., exists, which leads to wars. To send Socialists (not Labourites) to Parliament backed by understanding for the one object of making these means of living the common property of all (see our object) is the only answer. This means no wages, no money, no market, profits or wars, but world-wide cooperation to produce enough and happiness for everyone. Yes, it is worthwhile reading the SOCIALIST STANDARD and getting your fellow-sufferers to do so.

We invite you to attend our Branch meetings, the address of your nearest branch is on the back of the S.S. If you are a member of a trade union, we would be glad to send a speaker to your branch should they be agreeable. You will also find in the S.S. a list of our pamphlets; these are the clearest Socialist statements on the subjects they deal with. We strongly urge workers everywhere to read our case, the result, when enough of you do, will justify the effort. Our canvasser will bring any pamphlets you ask for the next time he calls. We’ll be seeing you.


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