Consolidate What ! Mr. Macmillan?

The recent pronouncements of Mr. MacMillan, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, ought to make working people wonder and inquire just what they are supposed to do to secure peace and prosperity in our time. After all no one can say they haven’t done as they were told; the Labour Government introduced conscription as being necessary to keep peace; they complied. Under pressure, both economic and otherwise, they have worked all hours of the day and night; under both Tory and Labour Governments. High pressure advertising has persuaded them to commit themselves to long term payments on everything from washing machines to motor cars. Despite the long hours worked and the fact that many households have every member working, they still experience difficulty in buying the things they need; now they are told they have been living too well; they must consolidate. What have they got to consolidate? We would like to know!

When will working people realise the only thing they possess is their “labour power,” that is their ability to labour at a trade, profession, or other tasks, menial or otherwise; for which they receive enough to keep them efficient in the job they are doing. Sometimes if they are well organised in “trade unions,” and market conditions are favourable, they may receive more; if, however, there is a surplus of workers for jobs they will most certainly receive less. Sugar is so much a pound, and workers are so much an hour, yet Capitalism talks of the dignity of labour; in that case the “stately homes” and sunny playgrounds in the South of France and elsewhere, where the rich spend much of their time, must be full of some very undignified people at this minute.

Socialists know the only way to solve the problems of to-day is to change the system of society.

It does not matter whether you have a Labour, Liberal, Conservative, or Communist Party Government, they are all doing the same job.

When the majority understand these things they will organise to introduce a new system of society, based on common ownership and democratic control of the means and methods of production and distribution by, and in, the interests of the whole community, irrespective of race, sex, or colour. Goods will be made for use and not for sale. There will be no trade, no barter, no buying, no selling. For everything will be the common property of all. Then there will be no production or distribution problems.


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