Party News: Our New Premises

The work of the S.P.G.B. performed by the membership is varied.

Propaganda meetings, for instance, necessitate organisation and clerical work. Arrangements must be made for a platform to be available at the meeting place at the right time as well as a chairman, a speaker and literature sellers.

The production of The Socialist Standard necessitates several meetings of the Editorial Committee. Then when the printed copies have been delivered, other comrades wrap and post to subscribers and branches.

In addition to the meetings of the Executive Committee and the various other sub-committees, there is the general office work that is so necessary for an organisation operating in this capitalist system of society.

This work makes premises necessary for our organisation.

In the past, the S.P.G.B. has been handicapped in its organisation by unsuitable premises. The offices which we occupied for several years until March of this year, although within reach of our purse, were unsuitable. Apart from being too small for the work of the Party, the landlord put further restrictions on their use and finally raised the rent to a figure beyond our means to pay.

We were fortunate to find more suitable premises at 52, Clapham High Street, our present address. Members and friends raised the £4,000 required for the purchase, and we moved in forthwith.

We have at our premises a Meeting Hall to seat 150 and eight rooms in which we are housing the following sections: General Office, Canteen, Social, Literature, Propaganda Research, Sub-committees, Library and General Storage.

In addition to the weekly meetings of the Executive Committee, public lectures will be given.

Socials and dances will also be held and we believe will improve the comradely feeling between members and give them an opportunity to discuss socialist policy over a cup of tea. The premises, we believe, will serve a long-felt want as a centre of social life for members and friends.

The showroom window displaying our publicity and an attractive display of literature will prove useful.

The converting of a former warehouse into premises suitable for our needs is being enthusiastically performed by comrades in their spare time.

We need donations to purchase the necessary building materials and furniture—can you help?

The first of a regular series of Sunday evening lectures started on October 7th. How about coming?

The Premises Committee.