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A Housewife Reflects

 At 9.15 p.m. on Saturday, 2nd Sept., Mr. Attlee broadcast a reply to criticisms of the Government by the Leader of the opposition a week previously. His speech, delivered quietly and with none of the dramatic rhetoric which characterises his vis-a-vis, caused quite a flutter. A certain acid wit ridiculed his opponent and was much more devastating than the usual passionate utterances of the “Ex Prime.” One could imagine the “True Blues” gnashing their teeth, their temperatures hitting a new high as each caustic jibe floated over the air. The supporters of the Labour Government chortling with glee and swelling with pride in their “Leader.”

 To the writer it was a sad thought that many thousands of workers would be interestedly discussing this piffling party bickering on matters of no concern to them. It called to mind the story of the two men who had their pockets picked whilst watching a fight, each backing his own fancy. It is tragic that the mass of the workers allow their attention to be distracted from the only thing that really matters, i.e. their slave position in Society and how to end it. They go haring off down all the possible by-roads, placing faith where none is justified, hoping for better conditions when the very nature of the present Society foredooms any improvement to a miserable failure. They ignore the only possible solution—Socialism, and do not realise that united they would stand but divided they fall for all the red herrings dragged across their path. But the day must come when the workers will realise that whatever party is in power they can do no more than administer Capitalism, with its attendant and inherent evils. So let us not concern ourselves with these political acrobatics and verbal fireworks, only one fight is worthy of our attention, the fight for the establishment of Socialism. In passing Mr. Attlee says in his speech that Mr. Churchill cannot admit that the Government can do anything except under his leadership. Surely Mr. Churchill will hand a medal to the Prime Minister for his handling of Dock Strikes.

F. M. Robins

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