The S.P.G.B. have always maintained that the Labour Party has nothing in common with Socialism, in spite of many claims and statements by other political parties to the contrary.

It would seem we have a champion in Sir Stafford Cripps judging by the following extracts from his speech (reported in The Star 11th January):—

“. . . profits were not immoral provided they were not excessive. They were a necessary and essential factor in capitalist industry and must be made and suitably taxed.”

It should be noted that Sir Stafford omits to state what are considered “excessive profits.”

Sir Stafford also praises the great efforts made by the workers in this country, saying that voluntarily exercised restraint in respect of personal incomes was still necessary. The same old story. Surely the workers have experienced sufficient of Labour Government to realise that their position remains the same.

It is evident that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find markets for our exports and inevitably will come the time when these markets become glutted and full employment programmes will sadly fail. The Labour Government can no more save the situation than any other party advocating the continuance of Capitalism.

The General Election is once more upon us are; you again going to support one or other of the capitalist parties and consequently your own exploitation, or are you going to examine the position and come to the conclusion, as we have, that the only hope for the working class is Socialism?

Only when the majority realise the need for Socialism will it be established. When this stage is reached there will be no need for personal incomes with or without restraint.

P. Rogers.

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