The Trick

The past six years have been a period of harvesting for Russia and their little Sir Echoes, the Communist Parties. Based upon “immediate needs,” the Communist Party has propounded doctrines which have done nothing but obscure the fundamental issues of Socialism versus Capitalism. How was this made possible? Cunningly and with wilful lying, they have built up a legend—Socialist Russia! Distorting the teachings of Marx, through the pages of their journals they have made it appear to the innocent workers that Russia was another name for Socialism, for peace, for democracy. For six years they have exploited the hatred of Hitlerism and all it stood for. Dropping their “alleged” working-class basis, they have pandered to rich Jews, rich Liberals, Deans and Duchesses in order to create the impression that they stood as the pivot of anti-Nazism, around which all “democrats” should assemble. Each time their slogan has been—look at Russia ! Seeking to boom their lying party they initiated, fostered and conducted campaigns through the medium of “Left Book Clubs” and kindred groups for a “peace” front of the “democratic” nations. When naming these nations they have always included Russia. The avowed aim of this proposed “peace” front has been to prevent further aggression by Nazi Germany. With monotonous regularity they shrieked “Chamberlain must go.” They supplemented this by demanding the inclusion in the Cabinet of Mr. Churchill and Mr. Eden, this being a sure guarantee of peace or at least victory in war. They urged the necessity of a boycott of German goods and the sabotaging of any British-German trade agreements, on the shallow plea that such trade would only strengthen the Nazi powers of aggression. This was amply shown in an article in the Labour Monthly for August of this year, written by John Austen. In a new book published last month, under the title, “Russia—Foe or Friend?” by Pat Sloan (Communist Party’s authority on Soviet Russia’s internal and external policy) we are informed that “never would Russia make any agreement with Nazi Germany.” A few days after publication Russia did make a pact with Nazi Germany. It looks very much like a bit of sharp practice, creating an antagonistic atmosphere against British trade with Germany, and under cover of this, slip in and collar the same trade.

The events in Spain, in Austria and in Czechoslovakia were used by Russia and the Communist Party for all they were worth as a veritable Godsend to a Party devoid of any sound working class teaching. Thousands of pounds were collected, millions of leaflets distributed, all with the object of steering into the Russophile Communist Party the growing sentiment against Hitlerism, the last of these campaigns being the propaganda for an Anglo-Soviet pact. When asked about the utility of such a pact we were informed that the “immediate” need was to unite all democratic ” Powers against, not world capitalism, but Nazi Germany. Having worked up large masses by every form of demagogy to a pitch of anti-Nazi frenzy, hey presto ! our swan is a duck, and Russia embraces, by agreement—Naziland. Gone is the “immediate” need of a German boycott and al the other slogans which served to blind the workers. The Soviet gangsters now shake hands with theii Nazi friends, whilst the Chamberlain Government (charged with aiding Hitler) incorporate Churchil and Eden in a War Government, and declare wai on the Nazis. Ladies and gentlemen ! This trick.


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