Mr. Beverley Baxter’s Error

Mr. Beverley Baxter is M.P. for Wood Green and was formerly Editor-in-Chief and Director of the Daily Express. He writes articles for “MacLean’s Magazine,” Toronto. A Canadian reader of THE SOCIALIST STANDARD draws our attention to the fact that in his articles, Mr. Baxter refers to the Labour Party as the “Socialist Party of Great Britain.” Our correspondent adds that as Mr. Baxter “doesn’t on the surface seem especially malicious perhaps he would make a suitable correction in a future article if his attention were called to the matter.”

The probability is that Mr. Baxter, when connected with the Daily Express publications, picked up their habit of calling the Labour Party the Socialist Party and just doesn’t know any better. When his attention is called to it, he will at least no longer have the excuse of ignorance.

Ed. Comm.

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