[Party News]

New Branch at Birkenhead
As a result of consistent open-air propaganda in Birkenhead a branch of the Party has been formed.
Sympathisers desiring to join or wishing for further information, are invited to communicate with the Secretary, EDMUND HOWARTH, 60, Park Road South, Birkenhead.
Propaganda meetings are held every Sunday, 8 p.m., at the Main Entrance, Birkenhead Park, where the SOCIALIST STANDARD and Party pamphlets are on sale.

Members and sympathisers willing to co-operate informing a branch are asked to communicate with the General Secretary, at 42, Great Dover Street, S.E.1.

North West London
Will members and sympathisers willing to co-operate in the formation of a branch in North West London communicate with Mr. G. Beeson, 56, Barnfield Road, Burnt Oak, Edgware ; Mr. W. Edgley, 41, Brett Road, Stonebridge Park, N.W.10 ; or Mr. H. G. Holt, 36, Rosebank Avenue, Sudbury, Wembley.

Meetings are held on Sunday evenings at 7 p.m., in Victoria Square, at which announcements concerning indoor meetings will be made, Watch for local announcements.

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