Our Circulation

How you can help to enlarge it

We want to get new readers and we know that we can look to our regular subscribers to do all they can to help. There must be many thousands of workers, who, if they were introduced to THE SOCIALIST STANDARD, would be as pleased to read as we would be pleased to add them to our list of subscribers. It is all a question of bringing our paper and our party to the notice of men and women who will be interested, and that is above all a matter for the present readers. Is there not at least one man or woman among your circle of friends and acquaintances who might be glad to read what the Socialist Party has to say about current events and Socialist principles? Why not send us the name at address and 6d. in stamps for a copy to be forwarded for three months? Why not pass on your own copy when you have read it or, better still, place an order for two copies and use the additional one for the purpose of gaining a new regular reader?

If you have opportunities for discussing Socialism at your Trade Union Branch meeting, or if you attend the meetings of other Parties, write to this office and ask for some specimen copies of THE SOCIALIST STANDARD for free distribution.

If you happen to live where there is no branch of the S.P.G.B., you can, as other isolated sympathisers have done in the past, make THE SOCIALIST STANDARD the means of slowly but steadily bringing in new readers, who will in time become members and help you to form that branch which you want to see established.

Let us have the name and address of the secretary of any local trade union or political party branch to which you think it might be worth while for us to send specimens of our literature.

Do all of these things, and if you have further ideas on developing our circulation write and tell us about them.

Do you know a likely friend who does not read the Socialist Standard.
Send us his name and address and a Postal Order for 6d., and we will forward a copy for 3 months.

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