1920s >> 1929 >> no-304-december-1929

Party Library

We are in need of books, periodicals, and publications of all descriptions, especially Marxian works, for the Party Library at 42, Great Dover Street. Our object is to build a sound reference and lending library for Socialist students.

There must be many older members and sympathisers who have books that are no longer useful to them. We earnestly request their assistance. If we receive more than one copy of the same book, we would —with permission of the sender—sell these for Library funds.

Also wanted :—Copies of International Soc. Review for Nov., 1907; Dec., 1904; May, Sept., Nov., Dec., 1908; Feb., 1906; Jan. to June, 1902.

Social Democrat, July and December, 1904 and any copies for other years.

(Socialist Standard, December 1929)

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