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Pamphlets for sale

We have been fortunate in securing quantities of seven pamphlets published by the Socialist Party of Canada, and are offering them for sale at the rates set out below. There is, of course, no need to make special mention of the standard works of Marx and Engels. The pamphlet on the causes of modern war contains much useful informa¬tion with copious references, and consists of articles which appeared serially in the Western Clarion (now defunct). “Slave of the Farm” describes and explains the hard and losing fight waged by the Canadian farmer against the organised financial and industrial Capitalists. It is a corrective to the fanciful tales of the Empire boosters and emigration touts.

“Causes of Belief in God,” by Lafargue, has not been published in this country in pamphlet form, and will be new to most English readers. It is written with Lafargue’s accustomed brilliance.

The Socialist Party of Canada has now ceased to exist, and the pamphlets will not be reprinted in the present editions.

Those we have obtained represent the bulk of the remaining supply. They are excellently produced, of convenient size, and well worth the price asked. All but two (“Slave of the Farm” and “Economic Causes of War”) are in the uniform and attractive series known as the “Whitehead Library.” As the stock will soon be ex¬hausted, you are urged to make early application.

“Wage-Labour and Capital” (Marx), – pages, 4d.
“Communist Manifesto” (Marx and Engels), 59 pages, 4d.
“Slave of the Farm” (A. Budden), 63 pages, 6d.
“Economic Causes of War” (P. T. Leckie), 132 pages, 6d.
“Causes of Belief in God” (Lafargue), 48 pages, 6d.
“Socialism—Utopian and Scientific” (Engels), 95 pages, 6d.
“Value, Price and Profit” (Marx), 78 pages, 6d.

Note.—Postage extra : ½d. per copy.

(Socialist Standard, October 1927)

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