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Labour Party refuses to debate

On July 24th, a Mr. A. Axelrad challenged one of our speakers to debate the merits of the Socialist Party and the South-West Bethnal Green (Divisional) Labour Party. On July 30th we wrote to that body asking for their confirmation of the challenge. On August 15th the Secretary wrote to say that his party “cannot favourably consider” the proposal to debate which was put forward by their own treasurer, Mr. Axelrad. Mr. Axelrad will in future no doubt exercise more discretion, and remember that his party are not prepared to defend their case against Socialist criticism. It is interesting to note that this very retiring Labour Party is not the “official” body affiliated with the National Labour Party, but a branch which has been put outside for its “left wing” deviations. Its presiding genius is Mr. J. J. Vaughan. We have been unable to learn that it differs from its parent body in any respect of importance. Like the National Labour Party, it advocates the reform of capitalism, not its abolition.

Ed. Comm.

(Socialist Standard, September 1927)

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