The German Elections

While there is little doubt that underlying all the seething boil of excitement and conflicting emotions which is just now sweeping over Germany, some considerable increment of real Socialist knowledge, opinion and belief exists, those who depend upon mere superficial views are prone to discern in names and numbers much deeper significance than they do in reality possess.

In Germany the fact that every other party, without exception, has from time to time openly supported the Kaiser regime, drives those who, for their own good purposes, are “agin the Government”, to vote for the Social-Democratic candidates.

Thus, whilst the membership of the Social-Democratic Party there is at most 800,000, the voting for their candidates totalled 4½ millions! Their candidates seek votes upon every pretext, from Free Trade to “No indirect taxation”.

Though the Radicals united with the “Blue-Black Bloc” against the “Reds” at the polls in 1907, the Social-Democrats this time advised their supporters to vote Radical during the Second Ballots!

The German Socialist Party includes men like Bernstein, Von Vollmar, and David, who have opposed every principle that Socialism includes – men who openly cry out for standing alliances with the Radicals and other enemies of the Red Flag.

Amid all the piffle and lies appearing in the Liberal Press, the statement that the Social-Democratic Party in Germany occupies a somewhat similar position to that of the Liberal party here is largely true. For the Social Reform rubbish and anti-working class politics preached by the leaders of the Social Democrats there is very similar to the “Advanced Legislation” put forth by Lloyd George, Churchill, Ramsay Macdonald, Philip Snowdon, and the hosts of other Liberal Labour hacks here.

Knowing this only too well, we must discount very heavily the so-called Socialist victories in the recent elections in Germany. A body of supporters got together upon all manner of pretexts can only hang together so long as no important action is taken, and must fall to pieces directly a move is made in the revolutionary direction. In that day of dire disaster, woe betide those who have counted heads in the ballot and put their faith in numbers.

Only those who understand the principles of Socialism can give strength to the revolutionary army. Let ignorance march against us since our foes can turn it against us when they will.

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