British Hypocrisy Exemplified

Early in 1915 it was admitted in the House of Commons that anilyne dyes were still coming into this country from Germany. Some time later various convictions were secured against individuals for trading with the “enemy,” notably in the Fownes case. The following cutting from the ‘Daily Mail” of Nov. 4th last provides food for useful reflection :

“Mr. Runciman’s ‘National Interest’ Excuse.
“The Government is still permitting trading with the enemy. Mr. Runciman’s excuse is that it is in ‘the national interest.’ In a written reply to Colonel Norton-Griffiths he says:
Licences to import specified goods of enemy origin have been issued when it was clearly to the advantage of this country to obtain them, and the sale of British-owned goods in enemy countries has been authorised in special cases. Payments to enemies have been allowed in certain cases in order to preserve a British interest.  The main consideration is that the transaction should be proved to be so greatly to the advantage of this country as to justify a relaxation of the prohibition.

To sheepish believers and followers of the great Horatio and other “never againers,” I would whisper: Smile damn you, smile !