We have the honour of being chucked out of capitalist libraries

Several months ago the Manchester Branch of the S.P.G.B. succeeded after a little effort in getting the “Socialist Standard” inserted in all the Manchester Public Libraries, although on the other hand the Committee for the Stretford district refused to exhibit our paper. Of course, permission was only given by Manchester on condition that the copies were presented.

All went well until the following letter was received by the branch :

Referenee Library, Piccadilly,
Manchester. 3rd April, 1916.
Dear Sir,
I have to request that the supply of copies of the “Socialist Standard,” hitherto sent for the Libraries by the Manchester Branch of the Socialist Party, may be discontinued.
Yours truly.
C. W. Sutton,
Chief Librarian.

Here it is necessary to point out that each week the Manchester Libraries Committee purchase copies of the “Labour Leader” for insertion in the reading-rooms, whereas they will not have our paper even when given to them and with the postage paid. There is nothing the master class fear so much as the spread of real Socialist knowledge. They delight in seeing the workers deluded and confused with the other piffle, for therein lies their (the masters’) safety.

All workers recognising the class struggle will draw their own conclusions as to the relative value to the working class of the two papers above mentioned.

H. C. A.

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