In an article in the “Daily Express” (28.9.15) entitled “Kaiser and the Socialists,” reference is is made to the Kaisers’ conquest of the Socialist (so-called) leader of Karlsruhe, one Fendrich, who has been serving with the Kaiser’s legions. It seems Fendrich has written his war experiences for the Imperial benefit. An interview resulted and the royal personage shook Fendrich by the hand and thanked him. The scribe says regarding Wilhelm’s persuasive way :

“He has already convinced men like Scheidemann, Haase, Franck, and all other governmental Socialists. Fendrich is only one more. He will get the Iron Cross. Dr. Sudekum, the Socialist leader, got it.”

Yes ! And when the International working class cease letting their brains out on hire, all the ruddy lot will get it—where the chopper hit the chicken. Meanwhile we hourly expect some similar royal greatness to be thrust upon us.

B. B. B.


When Sedclon, as president of the T.U. Congress, addressed the delegates, the Press scribes showered unstinted praise upon him for a more than usually “brilliant” speech. But listen to this, from a contemporary :

“The Chairman’s address, capital in itself, was marred by the fact that printed copies of it had been circulated to the delegates beforehand. It might as well have been taken as read !”

Dear ! Dear ! How very distressful ! For the brilliant assembly had not only the pain of reading it, but a second dose in the reciting of it by the writer. Still, thev deserve all they get.

B. B. B.

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