Caught out

“The coalheavers of Liverpool are on strike, miners in Scotland are tendenng their notices, the engineers in Grimsby are asking for a rise of three shillings. The movement is traversing the whole country and affecting every trade. That is inevitable, for the whip which is lashing them on is falling on the shoulders of all workers. It is the whip of high prices, and what is being demanded or fought for is not greater material prosperity by the workers, but a restoration of the standard of life which was labour’s before the war.” (“Daily News and Leader,” 3.3.15.)

“There is an unprecedented redistribution of wealth in operation. The working classes are receiving money in a measure without parallel. The more that money is saved the more will be the resources of the State, and we hope that Mr. McKenna will, as we have suggested in the past, take steps to make thrift on the part of the working classes easier.” (”Daily News and Leader,” 13.6.I5)
Unless the “Daily News” can prove that there has been an unprecedented reduction in the price of necessaries, or that there has been an unparalleled rise in wages during the period that elapsed between the above two dates, those responsible for the leading articles of that paper have inadvertently contradicted themselves.—Liars need good memories.

F. F.

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