“As for me, I count it an honour to have been chairman of the Independent Labour Party during the past year, which will always be remembered as one containing a record of faithful adherence to principle of which the Party may well be proud.”
(Mr. F. W. Jowett. Presidential address, I.L.P. Conference, Norwich.)

It would be a never-to-be-forgotten occurrence if it were true that the I.L.P. could find any record of faithful adherence to principle. But they haven’t got any principles to be either false or true to, which is the reason they can be facing all ways according to the dictates of “conscience,” and still hang together.

“How is the cost of the war to be met ? The I.L.P. must press for heavy taxation of unearned incomes.”—(“Labour Leader,” 15.4.15.)

No doubt Lloyd Gecrge likes to hear all views, and if the I.L.P. can take his worry off his shoulders they are doing useful work—for him

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