Fulham forging ahead

It is pleasing to be in the position to state that the Fulham Branch is forging ahead. Its memberss are enthusiastic, and though numerically on the small side, its activity is great. Three propaganda meetings a week, are being held, namely, on Sunday at Walham Green, Fulham, on Thursday at World’s End, Chelsea, and on Saturday at Vale Avenue, Chelsea, while the comrades are trying different spots on Sunday mornings before settling where we shall hold a regular Sunday morning meeting.

“Who would be free, themselves must strike the blow,” and we are striking blows fast and furious at this present miserable system. Do we of this branch fail to hold our meeting should—as is sometimes inevitable—the official speaker not put in an appearance ? Certainly not ! We just get on with it and hold the meeting ourselves, and by so doing we are develop­ing more speakers to carry on the fight.

Our audiences are very attentive, and show a growing appreciation of our work ; our sales of literature are also steadily increasing, which in itself is a sign of progress.

The Branch meetings at 295 Wandsworth Bridge Road, Fulham, are held regularly, and after business is finished discussion takes place, to which the PUBLIC are cordially invited.

How many workers of Fulham and Chelsea realise our good work and the truth of the principles we propagate ? Quite a lot ! Then why not join us and take a share in the fight ? Appreciation from without is all very well, but a little help from within is a thousand times better. Attend our Branch meetings. Discuss with us. Let us explain to you. For your lot is our lot ; you want freedom—so do we. Let us work for it together, then.


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