A correction

In compiling the figures of the voters in the United Kingdom in the course of my reply to a correspondent in last issue, an error of omission occurred. The Inland Revenue Report figures relate only to the United Kingdom. An allowance therefore has to be made for Ireland. , Taking as a basis for calculation the method used by Mr. Chiozza Money in “Riches and Poverty” (p. 43 11th edition) the estimate reaches 35,754.

This must be added to the capitalist side of voters and deducted from the workers’ side. The result will then be :

Total Electorate …… 8,058,025
Owners, Freeholders, University Electors and Capitalist Occupiers …… 1,867,970
Working-class Occupiers & Lodgers …… 6,190,055

The result remains substantially the same, the workers still remaining more than 3 to 1 against the capitalist class on the Register, but the figures are more accurate in detail.

J. F.

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