Answers to correspondents

L. S. (Nottingham.)—Sorry current events again crowd out reply to your queries. Will reply in our next issue.

A. T. (Toronto) and others.—The S.P.G.B. still consistently maintains the Socialist position against all comers. As is amply shown by your quotations from the “S.S.,” the Party from its inception has ruthlessly exposed the “reformer,” and has shown the futility of working for “reforms.” Do not be too ready to accept what enemies of the Party allege as to its “secondary objects,” etc. The S.P.G.B. has but one object—Socialism—and all its effort is directed to that end. Read the answer to “W.B.” in our February, ’10 issue carefully and you will see that we simply decline to dogmatise as to all that may happen in the future and that we therefore leave it to the Socialist working class of the time to act in the light of the class struggle in its own real interest. The Socialist attitude of anti-capitalism, reformed or otherwise, is put forward in all our literature, and by all our speakers, and would similarly be put by all our elected representatives. Nevertheless occasion might arise when we should have to fight and vote for things that, though not Socialism, were yet involved in it, and of supreme importance to the working class in its struggle for emancipation.

“CONSTANT READER” (Manchester).—Your criticism of our article on Rates and Taxes will be dealt with next month.

A. (Rugby.)—Matter in hand.

EMQUIRER (Southend.) The quotation given from John Bright’s speech should have been dated 1869, not 1861.

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