The international character of capitalism waa well illustrated in the recent strike at Lisbon. Reuter’s telegram from Lisbon, Jan. 29, said :

“The British flag has been hoisted over the buildings of the Electric Tramway Company.”

This was a gentle reminder that the forces of international capitalism are up against the workers of the world without distinction of race or sex.

* * *

It has been announced that a revolver range has been opened at Scotland Yard for the use of the police. Of course, the defeat of Houndsditch and the victory of Sidney Street are given as the reason for this, but the truth is to be found in the growing desperation of the workers and the greater magnitude of modern strikes. When the Metropolitan police go up to the coal districts they will have something other than staves in their pockets. The peace is going to be preserved, my masters.

* * *

The Manchester City Council had before it on Feb. 7, a report from the Chief Constable for a scheme to raise a force of 120 mounted men to be specially available in times of public disturbance. Cllr. J. McLachlan (I.L.P.) supported an amendment to refer the matter back because he thought “They should have financial assistance from the Government. . . . What he was not satisfied with was that there was no promise, and apparently very little hope, of anything in the way of Government assistance in the matter.” “Manchester Guardian.” Feb. 8.

Like a true “Labourite,” Mr. McLachlan has not a word to say against the employment of bullies to break working-class heads, so long as the national cash-till bore part of the cost.

* * *

The “Manchester Guardian” was very frank over the matter of this mounted force in its leading article of Feb. 8. It said that if the Home Office paid half the cost of the scheme, “the remainder would represent aa uncommonly cheap insurance against dangers which, though we trust are not imminent, are still not imaginary, and which might involve losses to property out of all proportion to such an expenditure.”

Such faithful watchdogs of property as Mr. McLachlan should be among the first applicants for enlistment in the force.

* * *

And now what does this mean :—

“Members of the National Reserve and other ex-Service men are invited to join the Civilian Force. Full particulars obtainable at Headquarters, 100, Victoria-st., Westminster, S.W. Recruiting office open 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.” Advt., “Daily Chronicle,” 24.2.12.

That looks as if the master class are preparing to debate the question of the colliers’ minimum wage in the usual way.

J. B.

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