More Unity!

In July there was a bye election for a vacancy on the Woolwich Borough Council. The Woolwich I.L.P. ran one of their members, Mr. Jack Sheppard, as an “I.L.P.” candidate. But a member of the adjacent Bexley Heath Branch named Barefoot stood as a “Labour” candidate. The happy spectacle of two I.L.P. candidates contesting one vacancy caused eome consternation in the Labour camp, and the Bexley Heath Branch I.L.P. sent the following resolution to the “Woolwich Pioneer” (21.7.11):

“That we, the members of this Branch in meeting assembled, wish success to our fellow-member, Comrade W. Barefoot, the candidate of the organised workers of Woolwich, in his fight for a seat on the Woolwich Borough Council, and appeal to every loyal I.L.P.-er, and to organised Labour, to rally to his support and secure a great victory on Tuesday next for the Labour cause.
“It further records its strong disapproval of the action of the Woolwich I.L.P. in helping to bring out a candidate to oppose one who has been a member of the Party for 15 years, and because we believe such action is contrary to the whole spirit of the I.L.P. constitution.”

The Labourite Barefoot topped the poll with 815 votes, and the other Labourite mustered 27 ! That’s how they educate the workers (particularly in the matter of unity) of Woolwich.

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