The Organiser’s chin-wag

Comrades, we have left another year behind us—a very satisfactory year with regard to the growth of the Party, and the increase of its militant power. All concerned may feel pleased with themselves at the strides the Party, and therefore the Cause, has made during the past twelve months. Not only has our membership increased, but our propaganda has been carried on extensively and with splendid vigour. We have done very well, too, with our literature. The new pamphlet has made a decided impression, and the SOCIALIST STANDARD is no longer a nursling, but supports itself.

Enough of the past. Our hopes lie in the future—let us turn our eyes there.

The “Standard,” I was saying is self-supporting. This however does not mean that we can take a rest. As our organisation grows larger, our Party Organ must inevitably have other duties than those of a mere propagandist journal thrust more and more upon it. It must serve internal purposes, as well as external. This, of course, means enlargement. Well, that is what we’ve’got to tackle now, comrades : an enlarged “S.S.” Is it necessary to say that it must be based on an increased circulation ?

Who is the best propagandist in the Party ? Why, the “S.S.” Hitherto he has only been a little chap, but he has been very eloquent and very convincing. Now he feels that he could do better work if he were bigger, and he wants to grow. Let’s give him a chance.


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