Recently, according to the “Daily News,” a firm in Wormwood Street advertised for two warehousemen. On the following morning the street was blockaded by a crowd of 3,000 men, all applying for the vacant jobs ! The manager of the concern in question, fearing a riot, sent for the police, who arrived in force and succeeded in persuading the unemployed to go away ! The latter at once announced their intention of visiting the offices of the journal in which the advertisement had appeared. When they reached Fleet Street the crowd was dispersed.

Pretty long odds, Mr. Burns, 1,500 to 1 ! We suppose the crowd had lost all their jobs through drink, or were too lazy to work, eh ? Next please.


Justices of the Peace are merely members of an official committee for the preservation of the rights of property. Truth .1.9.09

R. Bell, G. D. Kelly, F. Maddison, J. G. Hancock (Mid-Derby victor and Keir Hardie’s new colleague), many T.U. Congress delegates, and Dr. Salter, I.L.P. aspirant at Bermondsey, are all members of this committee.

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