Dear Comrade,
May I claim the indulgence of a short space in your valuable paper, in order that there may ae no error in conception, or wilful misrepresentation, of my conversion to the principles of the Socialist Party cf Great Britain. First of all I recognise that the existence of a Socialist Party, as a revolutionary party, must be consistent with a rigid adoption of its principles, any deviation from that course rendering the party nugatory, and its name a misnomer, as some of our opponents are realising in the humiliating circumstances in which they find themselves when under the cross-fire of criticism that the stalwarts of the S.P.G.B. know so well how to administer. These are circumstances of which, many of your readers and the public will know, I am well able to give from personal experience, as a more trenchant onslaught than I received at the hands of some of the S.P.G.B. members seldom falls to the lot of mankind. No eel in the well sanded fist of a cook, upon the eve of being skinned, ever twisted and writhed as I did, when compelled by the grip of Reason to admit the fatuity of my position. In the political field of this purposely complex system of capitalism, there has been vast scope for the formation of various political parties, societies, and so-called Socialistic bodies,—possessing lugubrious titles, and promoted by political job-hunting rascals,—with a nefarious Press, to circulate their pernicious verbiage—sucking the blood of the country year in and year out, that they may give to their descendants the sop of political power. If the great mass of the workers, environed as they are on every side with poverty, plunder, and oppression, have sufficient strength to repel these political bloodsuckers, to what can it be attributed but to a consciousness of the true inwardness of capitalism ? Given that consciousness and its correct representation by a truly Socialist party, we prove our abhorrence of capitalism by uniting against it all the disciples of a Socialist Commonwealth in Britain.
Yours fraternally,

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