Answers to Correspondents

Walter Hearn (New Maiden) writes complaining that in our criticism of the replies given to a questioner by Joseph Burgess at Dundee, we did not say “what Comrade Joseph Burgess ought to have replied if he had been an Equal Dividuigist instead of a Socialist.”—Why complain to us. We don’t | know what reply an “Equal Dividuigist” should make. What is an “Equal Dividuigist” ? We can only suggest the reply a Socialist should make. Joseph Burgess didn’t make the Socialist reply—which is understandable because he is not a Socialist and probably knew nothing about it.
John Tamlyn (Burnley).—Thanks. Will use at the earliest opportunity. As you say, Justice is very dull. For the rest we entirely agree.
Fred H. (Biggleswade).—We shall reach Hitchin some day. Meanwhile “go for” the local confusionists to the best of your power. You may make an effective John the Baptist for the Party.
F. W. Sanderson (Brighton).—We probably agree, but as your card is indecipherable we are not sure.

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