Correspondence in brief

H.P. writes that he recently visited Glasgow and Edinburgh. In the former town he found that 16 members of the S.L.P. out of a branch of 24 had left owing to the Party’s support of the I.W.W., and half the members of the Edinburgh branch had left for the same reason.

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An S.D.F. member wants proof that W. Thome M.P. has accepted the position of J.P. conferred on him by the capitalist class. We suggest that our correspondent write direct to Mr. Thorne, asking (1) whether he consented that his name should be submitted to the proper authorities for a J.P’ship ; (2) whether he has taken the oaths of office ; (3) whether he is now endeavouring to get his name struck off the roll of J. P’s ; and (4) whether this last endeavour is due, wholly or partly, to our criticism of his conduct,

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East Ham I.L.P’er can find Mr. J. R. McDonald’s speeches, referring to the Labour Party’s arrangement with the Liberals of Leicester at the General Election in the Leicester daily papers for January 6th and 16th last, and Mr. J. Parker’s arrangement with the Liberals at Halifax is admitted by Mr. M. J. Blatchford in the Halifax Guardian for January 20th.

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