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Hoi Polloi.—Thanks for contribution. We regret that the pressure of important matter upon our very limited space prevents us giving it a place in our columns.
P. Lamb (Chelsea).—There is no truth in the rumour that E. E. Hunter, late London Organiser of the S.L.P., has joined our ranks. We understand, on the contrary, that he has returned to the fold from which he was expelled some time ago—the S.D.F., to wit.

A dispatch from Dayton, 0., reports that 300 employes of the National Cash Register Co. were discharged because they failed to attend a meeting to listen to addresses on the labour situation by the company officials. The meeting was called by the company because of its decision to refuse the demands of the Typographical union for an eight-hour day. This is the concern which advertises itself as the “model employer of labor,” because it furnishes bath towels, pockethandkerchiefs and hair curlers to its employes. In return for these kindnesses the company exacts complete obedience from its slaves, as shown above. This only makes clear again that the capitalists will grant everything (even higher wages sometimes), but freedom to the workers, for with freedom will come an end of exploitation. The capitalists are dictators because they own the tools with which the workers must earn a livelihood. When the workers own the tools the despotism of capitalism will cease, and only then.
Labor (St. Louis).

I do not pretend to acccept as gospel the principles you have laid down. If, however, any practical proposal (on unemployment) came before the Cabinet from Mr. John Burns or anyone else, no one would be more eager—TO LISTEN—than I.

The Rules and Conduct of Debate, is a useful manual of procedure for all who take part in public society, and other meetings. Sixpence net; Ellis & King, 175 Highbury Hill, N.
Labor (St. Louis). Weekly People (New York).

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