The plain message physical science has for the world at large is this, that were our political and social and moral devices only as well contrived to their ends as a linotype machine, an antiseptic operating plant, or an electric tram-car, there need now at the present moment be no appreciable toil in the world, and only the smallest fraction of the pain, the fear, and the anxiety that now make human life so doubtful in its value. There is more than enough for everyone alive. Science stands, a too competent servant, behind her wrangling, underbred masters, holding out resources, devices, and remedies they are too stupid to use.
—H. G. WELLS in “Fortnightly” for December.


In the huge mass of evil, as it rolls and swells, there is ever some Good working imprisoned ; working towards deliverance and triumph.
T. CARLYLE. “French Revolution”.


The object of true education is not merely to make people do the right things, but enjoy the right things ; not merely pure but to love purity ; not merely just, but to hunger and thirst after justice.—Goethe.

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